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L’école Tir Na Nog fait le pari que l’enseignement peut se faire dehors, en forêt et ce pour le plus grand bien-être des jeunes. Voici une école alternative où l’apprentissage se fait en forêt, où on apprend à se bâtir un monde, certes, mais aussi à compter, à lire, bref à comprendre la terre et sa nature. C’est l’école en forêt!

The Tir na nOg Forest School makes the bet that education can be done outside, in the forest, for the greater well-being of young people. This is an alternative school where learning is done in the forest, where you learn to build a world, certainly, but also to read, to understand the earth and its nature. It's school in the forest!

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Excerpt from NB PLAYS promotion...

In the Ancient Land of the Young

Lisa Brown's classroom is over 10,000 years old. With 30,000 species of wildlife, a complex system of waterways, and no fewer than 32 distinct native trees, the Acadian Forest is a vast network of flora and fauna teeming with all forms of life. it's also home to the Tír na Nóg Forest School, where children are free to roam the green worlds around them.

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Tír na nÓg Forest School in Sussex is expanding to include Kindergarten to Grade 8 students this fall 2016