Puddlejumpers - Sussex Location, October 28 and November 4, 2016

Its amazing the difference a week can make! Not only have the gloriously coloured leaves finally fallen off the trees, but the temperatures have dropped significantly with a long stretch of dampness to boot!

Jess and I have also noticed big changes in the children. They all seem to have grown an inch of two!!!! Or, perhaps it is just their great new outer layers they are now sporting to keep them warm and dry (well done parents!!!!!).

At the young age of two and three, the children seem to thrive on routine and repetition. We continue to enjoy our walks to Mr. Sharp's each day as they enjoy the walk and all Mr. Sharp has to play with in his yard. No two days are the same though, we are always discovering something new amongst the falling leaves. Last day, Keen lead us to Mr and Mrs. Sharp's garden which they have tucked in for the winter. Keen discovered "the tunnel" between the cedars and all the children had fun exploring it and noticing how dark it can be in there!

We also put our first fire on in the shelter and are now having snack in there as it's just a bit too cold on the fingers of these snack-loving children who love to take the extra time to savour their food!


Sarah surprised the children with their photo albums that she and Jess are assembling for each child to document their unique Forest School adventures. They were a big hit!


The children wanted to bring them home, but we explained to them that they needed to stay at Forest School for now so more pictures could be added later. The children will get to take them home at the end of the fall session just before Christmas.

This week, Remembrance Day falls on Friday, so there will be no Puddlejumper programming this week to respect the significance of this very important day.

Have a great week everyone!