The story of the Rainbow Crow

Today went by in a flash! We did so many fun things, it's hard to even remember it all. After the rain overnight, we noticed there were tons of tiny little water droplets all over base camp. Adelyn found some droplets around the birds nest and tried to catch them with her hands.
This morning we also started our own Rainbow Crow book. The kids ask to hear the story of the Rainbow Crow every time they come to school so we decided to make our own book to read and look through. Elizabeth wrote out the words while Loki and Adelyn collaborated on the pictures. They did a great job re-reading the story and deciding together what each page should have. Loki decided that The Creator should have a big circle head and be green. Adelyn said the Rainbow Crow was probably mostly pink. They made such a wonderful book and we read it many times today and each of the kids will take turns bringing it home over the next few weeks.
This morning we also welcomed a few new friends into base camp to play for a little while. There was a lovely family walking on the trails who were very interested in Forest School and the 4 children with them were thrilled to be shown all the great areas to play around base camp. Maybe we will be seeing them again soon?!
After reading Rainbow Crow again and having some cozy peaceful time in our hammocks, we had a great surprise from the KV Fire Department. The "firemen team" as Loki called them, came to see where we set up base camp in case we ever need them in a real emergency. The fire fighters were very friendly, dressed in their full regalia. They tried out our obstacle course and even let us get into their fire truck! It was a great experience and I am sure the kids will be talking about for a while.
After the excitement with the firemen, we returned to base camp to fill up our newly carved bird feeders that Tim made. We are hoping the little chickadees will find the bird seed and will stick around base camp for us to see them this winter! Have a great weekend, see you Monday! ~Elizabeth and Tim

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