Snowy day and smiling faces

It was another beautiful, snowy day here in the forest. It snowed for most of the day and we loved shoveling the light snow into big piles and jumping into it, sending the snow flying up into the air! This morning we played Fox & Geese in the snow while we waited for everyone to be dropped off. Do you know how to play? Ask your little one, they might know! It's a really great game to play in the winter. We start by stomping out a big circle in the snow, then cutting it into 'pieces' that are our pathways. The fox and geese can only travel on the paths but the geese are safe from the fox when they are in the 'nest' or the center of the circle. If you get eaten up by the fox then you become the fox and give chase to the geese. It's a great game to keep us warm in the cold weather, perhaps your family can play it at home this weekend? This is quickly becoming a favorite game and we couldn't be more impressed with how fast everyone learned the rules and is adapting the game to other predator and prey animals.
At basecamp we took turns burying each other up in the snow, caught snowflakes on our mittens, shook the heavy snow from low tree branches and discovered cozy hiding places under the evergreen tree branches, turning them into little rabbit warrens! The children are very interested in what animals do in the winter. We know snowshoe hares turn white in order to camouflage into the snow, and they have to be very careful to keep away from those sly foxes! We also talked about deer today- the males are called bucks, the females are called does and the little babies are called fawns.

We spent this beautiful day exploring, shoveling, tramping through the snow, running in our snowshoes and discovering all of the beautiful trees that were covered up by the fresh powder. We created quite a few 'snowstorms' by gently shaking off the heavy tree branches. Esme though it looked like "a beautiful winter wonderland"!

We love the snow, there are so many great activities we can do in the wintertime and we hope you get to share some of them with your family on the weekend! ~Elizabeth and Tim



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