Welcome to our first week of Forest School in Saint John!

There was much excitement as nine Forest School friends explored their new natural playground. On our first day you could hear the laughter and see the learning that was already taking place. It was amazing to watch the many pairs of little feet becoming more and more comfortable and confident on the uneven forest floor. Our crew was interested in playing the matching game with rainbow gems, talking about different colors of the forest, stacking tree cookies, and we even learned a new habitat song after finding a chipmunk burrow. It is sung to the tune of London Bridge it goes: "Food and water, shelter and space. Shelter and space, shelter and space. Food and water, shelter and space. That makes a habitat." One of the many highlights of the day was investigating the Zoo and seeing the pigs eat a delicious snack of fruit and potatoes! Did you know that pigs will even eat melon rind? We couldn’t have asked for a better start to our Forest School year! YAHOO!  See you all Thursday, ~Bre and Tim