Welcome to our Quispamsis Forest School!

Our first week at Forest School in Quispamsis was a huge success! We learned so much about playing safely in the diverse environments of our particular location, from safe ways of climbing “Red Rocks” to knowing the boundaries of base-camp to exploring and enjoying the fresh water of our babbling brook! This week we used our skills and creativity in a variety of ways. We tied boundary tape to trees and fences around the perimeter of our base camp, where students now know it is safe to play. We enjoyed building and taking turns playing on our rope swing, and many of us learned to climb up and jump down from our “old man tree stump”. Some children demonstrated their creativity when setting out pots and pans for our “mud kitchen” to make delicious cedar twig and spruce cone soup! YUMMY!

We also enjoyed story time in our “birds’ nest”; building and climbing on balance beams with logs and rocks; playing musical instruments on our kitchen pots; swinging in hammocks at peaceful time; watching a doe and her three fawns feed in the soccer field; learning how sparks can be made by hitting two rocks together…and so much more! Probably our favorite exploration was on Thursday when we went to the brook!  We saw water striders; learned that moss and twigs will float but rocks don’t; tried fishing with branches; built a dam; and enjoyed the cool water in the warm afternoon sun.

My oh my! - What a full and fantastic first week we’ve had! We all look forward to seeing our new friends again next week and continuing the adventure! ~ Julie, Liz, and Tim