hot air balloon

Welcome Sussex Puddle Jumpers!

Happy Friday!

Today, we welcomed our youngest group of Forest Schoolers to begin their adventure at Tír na nÓg Forest School at our Sussex location - the Puddle Jumpers!

We have a full class of ten children between the ages of 2-3 years.  We are so excited to have them come explore our beloved fields and forests with us. We have a great group of children and they all did a wonderful job adjusting to being in new surrounding with their new educators, Jess, Sarah and Lisa!

A fun fact! - the children in this program were all born within the first year that we opened our invisible doors in 2013-2014! 

Most of the morning was spent exploring basecamp and learning where the boundaries are. Many of the children quickly made friends with their classmates and got busy drawing at the craft table and chalk board, making cupcakes in the mud kitchen, swinging in the hammocks, and learning how to use the zipline safely. Watching these young people explore gives us educators a renewed vision of the world as we see it through their eyes. We are so grateful to spend our time with them!

Half way through the program, we packed up and headed to the playing field to join the Lisa's Playhouse and K-8 School-aged children and staff for a visit with hot air balloonist, Seth Bailey and his crew!  We had fun seeing them pull the light burner to blow the flames that heat the air for the balloon. It was pretty loud and showy which many of us jump!  Lots of laughs and screams of surprise!

It was a great first day - full of excitement, adventure and learning. We know this is going to be a great year with this wonderful group of children!