risk management

Puddlejumpers - Sussex Location, October 7, 2016

The Puddlejumpers enjoyed a beautiful fall day in the forest and fields at Tír na nÓg Forest School's Sussex location this week.

The children are becoming more accustomed to their forest school environment as they explore with more confidence each week. 

The children discovered that Seamus is building a new covered bridge to play in and they had a great time walking across the temporary floor boards that were nailed in place for exploration. This activity offers a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn how to identify and navigate risks in their environment. They were very aware that they had to stay on the floor boards while tey crossed and that it is safest if the children all go the same direction so as not to accidentally bump into one another.

The apples on our apple trees are beautiful this year! Many of the children enjoyed eating some after the educators checked them for any little friends who might already be eating them under the skin ;)

We went for another walk to Mr. Sharp's this week and some of the boys took their rope "snake" for the walk. It took teamwork and communication between them to make sure no one was going too fast or pulling too hard. We heard some interesting sounds in the long grass and discovered they were being made by crickets! We also learned you have to be very quiet while you look for them as they are very fast to hide!

As we came to Mr. Sharp's yard, we noticed his bulldozer and pretended to be bulldozers too! We made bulldozer sounds and even beeped while we backed up so others knew to look out for us!

Jess took the children over to Mr. Sharp's grape vines and we all enjoyed a nice, messy treat of grapes.

After our walk, we were all gettin a bit tired as it was getting warm out, so we enjoyed a well-earned snack and some fun in the hammocks. Those who still had lots of energy played on the slackline too!

It's hard to believe the changes in these children in only 5 short weeks. We are so excited to see what they discover next time!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!