Chickens and Slacklines and Trucks, Oh My!

The air was quite cool this morning when the Puddle Jumpers arrived for their second day at Tír na nÓg Forest School in Sussex. A few of us had to put our mitts on! Brrr!  Hard to believe after the record breaking hot weather one day the week before!

However, the cold didn't seem to bother the 2-3 year olds as they were well dressed and took no time to settle in and get busy exploring.

Almost right away, Sawyer found a toad near the mud kitchen!  He was so cute. He made a house for him in one of the bowls and they after a bit, he put him in a safe spot away from the busy feet of forest schoolers to rest.

Last week, a few of the children indicated they really liked trucks so Lisa and Jess brought some toy trucks down to the forest to play with. Bennett was really taken with them and had fun putting them on an elevated board ramp (to make an incline plane) and let them roll from the top to hit a few pieces of wood at the end. It took a few tries to hit the wood as they would sometimes go off the "track", but he kept trying and seemed to really enjoy the cause and effect of this activity! Nice work, Bennett!

Sawyer noticed the painted rocks that the preschoolers decorated earlier this week, so he, Ella and Hudson got busy painting some of their own.

Enjoying a healthy snack from home is always a favourite activity with the 2-3 year olds and it was extra special when Jess brought out some books to read while we sat together.

Keen and Ella went for a little walk up to the bathroom with Jess where they stopped for a bit to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine. Keen climbed up into Jess's lap and had a cuddle while Ella rubbed his back. So nice, Ella! Maybe I'll get a back rub next time! ;)

Back down in the forest, Jay, Allison and Sawyer had fun making cookies and cupcakes in the mud kitchen. After a bit, Jay and Allison took a break to sit in the sun and watch while Hudson and Sawyer tried out the slackline for the first time.

It's a long way off the ground for these two little guys and they did such a great job being brave to try something new and a bit risky. Both of them were very aware of the risk of falling, but they took precautions by taking their time, taking turns, keeping both hands and feet on the lines and making sure an educator was close by while they practiced. Well done Hudson and Sawyer! 

After trying the slackline, they explored the spiderweb and we pretended to be bugs getting caught in the web and then whoever was the spider would catch and tickle them!

Not long before it was time to pack up, Keen discovered that Lisa's chickens had wandered down to forest school!  All of the children were really interested in watching and following them around. We learned that chickens do not like to be chased, but they don't mind if you watch from a distance!  We also learned that they are stealthy! They can easily squeeze underneath doors and will run and hide in the bushes if they are scared!

By the time the chickens were ready to head to their home in Lisa's garden, we were ready to head up to the playing field to have a little more playtime in the sun before parents arrived. 

We had a great second day and look forward to what next week will bring!