Sarah Glinz

Puddlejumpers - Sussex Location, October 14, 2016

We had just enough delicious rain the night before to have some nice puddles to jump in today! The Puddlejumpers are really making basecamp their own now and the discoveries are endless! We were excited to find that Seamus put the "cover" on our covered bridge and noticed that it is the colour red! The same as our shelter! The children have so much fun playing in and beneath the covered bridge.

We started the day filling the bird feeder for our feathered friends and the plentiful red squirrels. We are getting very good at identifying black-capped chickadees and starting to get familiar with the red-breasted nuthatches. Jess and I were very excited to see a white-breasted nuthatch - our first sighting in our three years of programming! The children did a wonderful job working together to fill the feeder and even showed how well they can share at this young age - not an easy skill at 2 and 3 years old! Well done, Puddlejumpers!

As it warmed up, we decided to go on another walk to Mr. Sharp's. We really like it over there! On our way, we found a really cool slug. Sawyer confidently and carefully picked it up and showed it to the other children. Lane really liked looking at it up close with the magnifying lens!


Hudson, Allie and Kellie wanted to be bull-dozers again, so we got to work! Hudson reminded us to "Beep!" when we were backing up! It didn't last for long though as the mud was slippery from the rain the night before and we ended up splashing in the puddles instead. We learned that it can be slippery in puddles and that if you don't have your splash pants pulled down over your boots, your feet can get wet! A few minor adjustments to clothing and we were back to the splashing.


We visited Mr. Sharp's grape vines again and picked a few bunches to share. The grapes were sweeter this week after a few nights of frost since the week before. Yum! The children enjoyed riding down the lane on little cars and trucks; digging in the sandbox; swinging on the swing; and driving buses and cars with the many steering wheels found attached to trees and logs.


What a lovely day! The personalities of these wonderful children are really starting to shine through as we build trust and form healthy and positive relationships with each other. I think being in our outdoor environment has mush to do with this as there are fewer restrictions; lots of space; and so much freedom of choice. Forest School really is a wonderful way for children to learn and grow into themselves in a relaxed yet challenging environment. ;)