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Our second Forest School site is situated within one of Canada's largest urban parks - Rockwood Park- in the heart of Saint John, NB. As a Stonehammer Geopark site, the children have access to unique rock formations, a local zoo, dozens of hiking trails, freshwater lakes and streams.

This location offers preschool programs,  Kindergarten through Grade 3  and Camps!




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Our original site is located within an old-field
white spruce stand in Roachville, New Brunswick,
which is just a few kilometres from Sussex.
Children also have access to a cedar forest, mixed-
use farm fields, and a riparian area along the                            Click here to learn more  about our Forest preschool
McGregor Brook.                                                                                       programs!

This location offers programs for 2 year olds,                            Click here for Kindergarten - Grade 8 information!
preschool,  Kindgerarten through Grade 8,
and Summer Camps!                                                                              Click here to look at our dates for Summer Camps!