Nathan Blais

Middle School Teacher

“I never teach until I’ve spoken to the student. I have to first determine their emotional state, get their background, to find out what I have to do, how many layers I have to get through so that I get to the core of the person; so that they can recognize, as well as I, what is there.”

~Constantine D'Amato


Nathan was born in British Columbia, but grew up outside of two of New Brunswick’s major cities. He spent his early childhood exploring the rural area outside of Fredericton by making good use of his bicycle to access the deep woods and small lakes surrounding his home while exploring with his friends. As a teenager, Nathan grew up beside the wild and windy Kennebecasis River, and it is there where he developed a love for boating and New Brunswick’s vast river systems. On a given summer day, Nathan can be found coaching at the Kennebecasis Rowing Club, sailing his Tanzer out of the Renforth Boat Club, or toting his canoe to try unnamed rapids in remote areas of the province.

Nathan graduated from Rothesay High School in 2010 and attended St. Thomas University (STU) the same year, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Philosophy. During this time, Nathan volunteered for various community and sports organizations, including Team New Brunswick. 

Following his graduation, Nathan found work in construction through the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers. (Local 8) Union as a Mason. Nathan continued to work and volunteer for sports organizations during this time until 2018 when two long-time mentors encouraged him to pursue a career in Education. Nathan applied for and attended the STU School of Education in 2019, and upon graduation quickly found work as an International Baccalaureate (IB) English teacher. Nathan also volunteered with the school’s outdoors program, chaperoning ski trips and teaching rock climbing.

Nathan has a deep appreciation for the experience he had as a free-range kid and enjoys facilitating similar experiences for young people through movement, excursion, or project-based learning activities.


  • St. Thomas University – Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy)

  • St. Thomas University – Education (Secondary)

  • NBCC Woodstock (Block 1 and 2) Masonry Certificate

  • Red Cross Wilderness First Responder