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Questions and Answers


How do you pronounce Tír na nÓg?


Tír as in 'tier' (of a cake) or 'tear' (that you weep), na - as in 'ba-na-na' and nÓg with a long o, as in 'O Canada'.


Where did Forest Schools originate?


Forest School is an educational approach that started in the 1950’s. The world's first known forest school was created by Ella Flautau in Denmark in 1952. The idea formed when her and neighbors' children began gathering daily in a nearby forest, an unofficial form of daycare, which elicited great interest among other parents in the community.

Forest School has now become embedded in the education philosophy of many European countries such as Norway, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, as well as the UK, US and Canada. Forest School can take many different forms and is known by many different names such as Nature School, Bush Kindergarten or Waldkindergarten just to name a few.


Is the New Brunswick Education Curriculum incorporated into Forest School pedagogy?


Yes, a holistic approach to education incorporates Forest School Pedagogy with the New Brunswick Department of Education Curriculum outcome requirements.

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